Volunteer Opportunities

Command Team Advisor

This is an official volunteer position open to spouses of active duty Marines. Provides family insight to the Family Readiness Command Team. Attends monthly Command Team meetings. Contributes content to and attends Family Readiness-related functions. Recommends initiative or actions needed to improve family wellness. Focuses on support, advocacy and mentorship. May assist with event planning. For more information or to apply for this position, please contact the Uniformed Readiness Coordinator at (760) 577-7216.

Family Readiness Assistant

This is an official volunteer position open to families of active duty Marines. Assists the Uniformed Readiness Coordinator (URC) with welcoming families to the unit. May assist with Information and Referral. Provides feedback from the families to the URC concerning quality of communication and overall effectiveness of the Unit and Personal Family Readiness Program. Publicizes and attends Family Readiness events and workshops. May assist with event planning. For more information or to apply for this position, please contact the Uniformed Readiness Coordinator at (760) 577-7216.


For additional opportunities to volunteer, contact the Installation Volunteer Coordinator at (760) 577-6675 located at Nebo Bldg. 126.

The most valuable resource to the Marine Corps is the individual Marine and their family. Personal and family readiness is a combat multiplier, equally important as individual and family readiness. Achieving a high state of individual and family readiness supports the Marines and their families in successfully balancing the challenges of the military lifestyle, family, career, and mission events.

The primary duty of the Family Readiness Program is to serve as a communication portal between the commander, the unit, the Marine, and the Marine’s family members.

Readiness and Deployment Support and Training

Deployments and separation, a hallmark of our Marine Corps culture, can add stress to and disrupt the lives of Marines and their families. Our goal is to prepare military families for the unique challenges of a deployment while maintaining a constant state of readiness independent of deployment. Designed specifically for Marines and their families, we offer programs to increase awareness of relevant readiness issues, while offering individuals creative solutions to build a healthier family. Topics covered in training include pre, mid, and post deployment; and return, reunion, and reintegration. Each training is individualized for parents and children; spouses/significant others; and parents/extended family members.

Pre deployment briefs include topics such as; introduction to the Unit Family Readiness Command Team leadership; deployment timelines and calendars of events prior to and during the deployment; a discussion of unit policy regarding both operational and security concerns, methods of communication from the unit during the deployment; and an explanation of the expected pay fluctuation during the deployment.

During deployment there are multiple workshops held, including: ‘Kids and Deployment’ which provides tools needed for children to positively and successfully cope during deployment; and ‘Mid-Deployment’ which is a series of workshops available to promote readiness of Marines and families with topics like deployment success, self care, and life skills.

Post deployment workshops focus on return and reunion which is conducted for spouses, children, parents and extended family members.

Family Readiness Program

Family Readiness Program

Yermo Bldg. 573 (MDMC), Rm. 732

Mon/Fri 730am–4pm

Uniformed Readiness Coordinator
(760) 577-7216

UPFRP Training

Bldg. 126

(760) 577-6675

MCCS Barstow