Please allow 2-3 business days for the marketing team to review your request.
For assistance with project submission or status updates, please contact the
Marketing Project Coordinator, Teresa Harding at (760) 763-6052.

Welcome to the MCCS Marketing Division

The MCCS Marketing Division is responsible for overall brand consistency and standards, design, research, marketing and promotional campaigns, special events, sponsorship, and advertising.

MCCS programs and activities are effectively marketed for operational and support divisions through four marketing components: Marketing Account Managers, Special Events, Sponsorship/Advertising and Graphic Design.

  • Marketing Account Managers

Marketing Account Managers develop strategic and creative communication solutions to target customers and generate awareness, branding and business revenue. They create marketing plans for single promotions or full campaigns to reach client goals and objectives through innovative use of research, technology, media, sales management and promotions. Marketing programs are implemented for direct and indirect businesses on base and HQMC.

  • Special Events

The Special Events team plans, manages and coordinates support for MCCS events, including location, vendor and partnership details. They identify, negotiate and administer significant strategic partnerships, alliances, and relationships that support the goals and objectives of MCCS. They work closely with all operating divisions, coordinating event plans, roles and responsibilities while serving as the lead on all such projects.

  • Corporate Sales

The mission of the Corporate Sales team is to create solutions that build enduring brand recognition and solid business partnerships through innovative strategies. MCB Camp Pendleton Advertising & Sponsorship

  • Design

The Design team produces innovative, high quality print and digital design campaigns for MCCS programs and activities.

  • Digital Media
    Marketing utilizes print and digital campaigns to promote MCCS activities to the target demographic. The website is the primary destination for information on MCCS programs aboard MCLB Barstow. Social media allows MCCS to engage customers on a personal level, answering questions and marketing programs with an interactive relationship.

Pendleton Marketing

Bldg 1100


Mon–Fri 7:30am–4pm
Sat/Sun Closed

(760) 763-6052

  • Marketing campaigns will require 60 days for production and promotion.
  • Launch dates will be set based on the 60-day timeframe.
  • Projects determined to be a rush will require approval from Marketing leadership and may result with limited promotional resources.
  • Sponsorship options are only available for events with 30-day notice.
  • Web requests only.
  • Please allow 24-48 hours for updates to post.
  • The assigned Marketing Account Manager will contact you with questions.


MCCS Barstow