Victim Witness Assistance Program (VWAP)


The Marine Corps executes a professional Victim and Witness Assistance Program in order to reduce the trauma, frustration and inconvenience by victims and witnesses of crime, inform victims of their statutory rights and assist victim and witness understanding of the military justice process.


A person who has suffered direct physical, emotional or pecuniary harm as a result of the commission of a crime committed in violation of the UCMJ/another law jurisdiction if any portion of investigation is conducted primary by a DoD Component.


A person who has information or evidence about a crime and provides that knowledge to a DoD Component representative regarding an offense within the investigative jurisdiction of a DoD Component.

VWAP Flyers (PDF, 865 KB)

Behavioral Health Emergency Contact Information

Bldg. 218

Mon-Fri 7:30am–4pm

(760) 577-6533
(760) 577-6195

Important Numbers

SAPR 24/7 Support Line
(760) 577-6036

DoD SAFE Helpline
(877) 995-5247

FAP 24/7 Hotline
(760) 577-6484

National Domestic Violence Hotline
(800) 799-SAFE (7233)

National Hotline for Victims of Sexual Assault
(800) 656-4673

National Child Abuse Hotline
(800) 422-4453

National Suicide Prevention Hotline
(800) 273-TALK(8255)

Military One Source 24/7
(800) 342-9647

Civilian Victim Advocate
(760) 577-6533 730am-4pm

MCCS Barstow